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That means it’s cheap and fairly low-barrier to adopt, as well as a welcome break from students’ existing screen time. Though a great way to keep students engaged and, at times, simply awake, very few classrooms employ kinesthetic learning activities exclusively.

One reason is that, despite the popularity of learning style theories, there is a lack of researched-based evidence that shows that teaching to certain learning styles produces better academic results. From a technology perspective, the system hinges on pre-recorded lessons and online activities, meaning both students and teachers need a good internet connection and devices that can access it. Through these different approaches to teaching, educators can gain a better understanding of how best to govern their classrooms, implement instruction, and connect with their students. Within each category of teacher and student centeredness and tech usage, there are specific teaching roles or “methods” of instructor behavior that feature their own unique mix of learning and assessment practices.

Fenn School, which was established in 1929, is one of several private schools which uses its motto as a powerful tool to guide its students. One upside is that kinesthetic learning is rarely based on technology, as the method values movement and creativity over technological skills.

Learn more about each one to find the best fit for your classroom. Advancements in technology have propelled the education sector in the last few decades. As the name suggests, the high tech approach to learning utilizes different technology to aid students in their classroom learning. Many educators use computers and tablets in the classroom, and others may use the internet to assign homework. The internet is also beneficial in a classroom setting as it provides unlimited resources.